Selling Like Hotcakes #5: Hot Wheels Vintage Racing Cars

March 29, 2012

Hot Wheels Vintage Racing

Several months ago, Suzie and I were picking up a few groceries at our local Publix store.  As we turned the corner into a new aisle, I spotted a clearance section filled with Hot Wheels.

I did some quick research on my iPhone, and decided that we should be able to make a little bit off of these cars.  Publix had them priced at $0.99 each.  We sorted out the ones that still had great packaging and put all of them in our cart.  In total we checked out with 100 of these cars.

We had 4 different cars almost equally split in number.  So about 25 each.  I sent 3 of the variations to FBA (Amazon) and listed the other on eBay.

One note – these particular Hot Wheels had the sub title of Vintage Racing.  I have found other Hot Wheels for low prices, but they currently sell for about the same low price as we could get them.

As of last count, we have sold 73 of the cars.  The prices have varied depending on the car, the competition, etc.  At minimum we made $5 and at max we made $15.  On average we have made about $8 per car.

Current Sales: $8 x 73 = $584

Investment: $1 x 100 = $100

Current Profit (fees already removed) = $484

Current Inventory Remaining = 27 cars


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