9 Helpful Links for eBay and Amazon Sellers

May 12, 2012

1.  Microcassette tapes for answering machines sell for how much? – The eBay Life Blog

I bought these microcassette tapes at GW for 50 cents each.  I just sold all four of them for….

2.  Old Spice Cool Contact Wipes – eBay Selling Coach

Finding no longer manufactured products and reselling for a nice profit. Through you I have learned there are people out there who still want to use these items and will pay for it.

3.  American Girl Dolls – Money in the Garage

This may seem obvious but here goes…American Girl Dolls sell for a lot of money! I know what you’re saying, “No kidding Dude, tell us something we don’t know!” Ok, so maybe you already know American Girl is super collectible and can make you big money. But judging from one of my garage sale excursions, it seems not everyone is aware of this obvious fact.

4.  Sourcing for FBA on a Budget – Kat Simpson

The main message I’d like to get out there to entrepreneurs considering FBA selling is that you don’t need thousands of dollars to get started. The most expensive item you need you probably already have.

5.  Cash for Trash: Disney Musical Memories Music Boxes – Ms. Goodwill Haunting

Musical Memories was the name given to a series of collectible musical figurines that celebrated the Disney animated features. It was a limited edition collection of 20 music boxes released by mail-order in 1986.

6.  Buying and Selling Products in Lots: Pros and Cons – Kabbage

7.  How to Become More Efficient When Listing on eBay – Danny Ackerman

 Over the years, I’ve found ways to utilize time to the fullest when it comes to listing on eBay.

8.  Don’t Buy This Red Dress at a Thrift Store – Fruzies

Perhaps this knucklehead has read about the great deals to be found when thrifting. But he forgot these unwritten rules of the game.

9.  The Wrong Way to Build Your Inventory – eBay Selling Coach

This article made me see red.  Would it be wrong to say that we should throw the book at these people?


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