This is not intended to be an exhaustive list. You probably already follow each of these, but it  is sometimes good to be reminded of the basics.

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April 10, 2014 — 19 Comments


Let’s try something new on this blog. If it generates reader responses, we will keep it going. We are calling it ?OTW (Question of the Week). Hopefully it will provide help for all of us to read how other sellers respond to the question each week. So be sure and give us your answer. We really want to hear from you.

Provide your answer in the comments section. Provide links where appropriate. Feel free to interact with the answers of others as well. Here is the first question:

In the past month, what item has been your favorite sale?


If we salvage a sale that almost falls through, we can almost count that as another sale. Here’s what I mean. Let’s say that you sell and ship an item. The customer decides that they want to return the item. Once you get the item back, you will probably list it again. Hopefully it will sell a second time to a customer who really wants it.

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Recently Scott Davis posted this advice. It specifically applied to an antique booth, but probably applies to online retail, too. Click on the link below to read Scott’s full article.

Small items pay the rent, and large items make your profit.

–Scott Davis. 30 Cents. Barry’s Books + Other Neat Stuff.

Meet the Henshaws

April 2, 2014 — 2 Comments

You ought to read this story of how ebay brought the Henshaws together in marriage and then in business. Here is a quote about their first sale when they went from having a hobby to a business:

We found a local storage auction, purchased a pallet of office telephones for $5, put them up on eBay, and within the week had turned a profit of roughly $900.

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