armaniWe had one of our largest sales in quite some time. This sale was for a 19″ tall figurine by Giuseppe Armani in Italy. The piece is titled, “Lady With Mirror”. It is numbered and one of 5,000 pieces. Armani also signed the piece.

The final feature is that it in the Capodimonte style made famous in Italy. She is a nice, elegant figurine. A customer in Illinois thought so, too.

The interesting thing about this sale was the pricing. This is one of the few listings that we used the Best Offer feature (I promise – more on that in a later post). The reason we used it was due to the wide range of pricing on the few listings for this piece.

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Keeping my eyes peeled for thrift stores while driving has obviously carried over into my television watching. While watching a season one episode of Law & Order, I noticed this New York City thrift store across the street from Sgt. Max Greevey (left) and Detective Mike Logan.

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Gone Thrifting #31

July 19, 2014 — Leave a comment


A few days ago I was at the hospital for a session of cardiac rehab. The hospital is about half an hour away from home. When I left I popped into a nearby independent thrift store. It looks like that decision is going to pay off well.

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Recently, I told you about selling a Monopoly game for just under $70. This particular Monopoly game was a Washington D.C. edition. When I noticed that the customer had a prominent address in Manhattan, I did a quick google search.

Turns out that this buyer is a known name in the world of art. She is particularly known in NYC and in Washington D.C. In respect for her privacy, I will not mention her name. The details provided are generic enough to keep you guessing as to her identity.

She is an author on the subject of art and a lecturer on art history. She is also known as a serious collector of modern art. Her latest book was reviewed by such newspapers as The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

She does have connections with Washington D.C. (the version of the game she bought). She serves on museum and non-profits boards in both New York and D.C.

Thought it was pretty cool to know that I have a noted customer.


A couple of weeks ago, I reported on selling a special edition (U.S. Space Program) of the Monopoly board game. Chalk up another win for Monopoly.

This edition was the Washington D.C. edition. As you can tell by the picture above, the traditional Boardwalk space is occupied by the White House. This game was purchased along with the other Monopoly game plus one other game at a local auction. Both of the Monopoly games were in new condition with shrink wrapping.

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Since the 1st quarter list, the new-to-this-list blog DJ’s Dusty Attic made an impressive showing at #8 on the list.

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